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Rank Coin Name Symbol Chain Purpose Launch Votes
1 (OPKEE) OPKEE BSC The Opkee system is a complete payment protocol 21 Feb 2022 12
2 (CATMOON) CATMOON BSC It is time to get rid of the dogs and take over the Moon, cat people rise up! 30 Nov 2021 8
3 Black Catcoin Black Catcoin (BCATS) Black Catcoin BCATS BSC Black CatCoin, black cats don't bring bad luck! 26 Apr 2022 4
4 YOOSHI YOOSHI (YOOSHI) YOOSHI YOOSHI BSC The decentralized Meme coin grows into YooShi's game Metaverse. 15 May 2021 3
5 CYLUM CYLUM (CYM) CYLUM CYM BSC A Sustainable Auto-Staking, Compounding & Burning Protocol 14 Mar 2022 2
6 CareCoin CareCoin (CARES) CareCoin CARES BSC CareCoin is the currency for donations to various humanitarian and socio-economic causes. 5 Mar 2022 2
7 Thoreum V2 (Thoreum Multi-chain Venture Capital) Thoreum V2 (Thoreum Multi-chain Venture Capital) (THOREUM) Thoreum V2 (Thoreum Multi-chain Venture Capital) THOREUM BSC THOREUM v2 is a Multi-chain Venture Capital Platform that rewards its HOLDers by leveraging multi-chain investment opportunities 13 Jan 2022 2
8 MiniDOGE MiniDOGE (MiniDOGE) MiniDOGE MiniDOGE BSC An open world blockchain adventure game, explore Doge City and play with friends. Earn NFT's, play to earn & hold to earn. 2 Jul 2021 2
9 SafeMoon SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) SafeMoon SAFEMOON BSC SafeMoon Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. 1 Mar 2021 2
10 PancakeSwap Token PancakeSwap Token (Cake) PancakeSwap Token Cake BSC CAKE is the delicious token that powers the PancakeSwap ecosystem. 22 Sep 2020 2
11 Healthify Healthify (HTF) Healthify HTF BSC World's First Sport & Health Metaverse & NFT Store 22 Dec 2021 1
12 LOFCrypto LOFCrypto (LOF) LOFCrypto LOF BSC The adult token that empowers content creators and helps tackle human trafficking 17 Jan 2022 1
13 EverEarn EverEarn (EARN) EverEarn EARN BSC EverEarn Token (EARN) is a hyper deflationary, frictionless yield BSC token, with auto-generating liquidity, buyback, and Reward distribution to holders. 27 Jan 2022 1
14 SafeBLAST SafeBLAST (BLAST) SafeBLAST BLAST BSC SafeBLAST (BLAST) is both a UTILITY and a DEFLATIONARY token. 1 May 2021 1