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Rank Coin Name Symbol Chain Purpose Launch Votes
1 (OPKEE) OPKEE BSC The Opkee system is a complete payment protocol 21 Feb 2022 15
2 YOOSHI YOOSHI (YOOSHI) YOOSHI YOOSHI BSC YooShi is developed from a decentralized meme coin to YooShi's game metaverse, devoting to build a b ... 15 May 2021 3
3 SafeBLAST SafeBLAST (BLAST) SafeBLAST BLAST BSC "SafeBLAST (BLAST) is both a UTILITY and a DEFLATIONARY token available on multiple blockchains ... 1 May 2021 2
4 SafeMoon SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) SafeMoon SAFEMOON BSC SafeMoon - Auto-generating liquidity protocol / Static farming ... 1 Mar 2021 2
5 EverEarn EverEarn (EARN) EverEarn EARN BSC EverEarn ($EARN) is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency token, on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), tha ... 27 Jan 2022 2
6 MiniDOGE MiniDOGE (MiniDOGE) MiniDOGE MiniDOGE BSC MiniDoge is a hyper deflationary token through the use of Autoboost ... 2 Jul 2021 2
7 CareCoin CareCoin (CARES) CareCoin CARES BSC CareCoin is the currency for donations to various humanitarian and socio-economic causes. 5 Mar 2022 2
8 Thoreum V2 (Thoreum Multi-chain Venture Capital) Thoreum V2 (Thoreum Multi-chain Venture Capital) (THOREUM) Thoreum V2 (Thoreum Multi-chain Venture Capital) THOREUM BSC What Is Thoreum (THOREUM)? Thoreum (THOREUM) is a hyper-deflationary, liquidity mining token that w ... 13 Jan 2022 2
9 CYLUM CYLUM (CYM) CYLUM CYM BSC Cylum is a protocol designed to facilitate the construction of NFT and Meterverse projects on the Bi ... 14 Mar 2022 2
10 PancakeSwap Token PancakeSwap Token (Cake) PancakeSwap Token Cake BSC PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the B ... 22 Sep 2020 2
11 LOFCrypto LOFCrypto (LOF) LOFCrypto LOF BSC The adult token that empowers content creators and helps tackle human trafficking 17 Jan 2022 1
12 Healthify Healthify (HTF) Healthify HTF BSC "Healthify is a pioneering Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token that will let you face a variety of exci ... 22 Dec 2021 1
13 Dextopia Dextopia (DTA) Dextopia DTA BSC Multi-Chain Trading Tools Ecosystem DexTopia provides fast and reliable trading tools to simplify your DeFi trading experience. Our platform is built 7 Jul 2022 1
14 RewardsBunny RewardsBunny (RBunny) RewardsBunny RBunny BSC Rewards Bunny is a decentralized token running on Binance Smart Chain ecosystem ... 13 Aug 2021 1
15 Ghost Trader Ghost Trader (GTR) Ghost Trader GTR BSC The mission of Ghost Trader is to offer a decentralized “hedge fund” that comes with superlativ ... 19 Dec 2021 1
16 inSure inSure (SURE) inSure SURE BSC inSure DeFi is a community-based crypto asset insurance ecosystem, where users can insure their cryp ... 15 Jun 2021 0
17 Renewable Energy Token Renewable Energy Token (RET) Renewable Energy Token RET BSC RET token is a BEP-20 token Created on january 04, 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain network and that ... 4 Jan 2022 0
18 Salmonation Salmonation (SUI) Salmonation SUI BSC With salmonation in Indonesia or SUI, the team believes that Salmonchain (SRC-Network), Token symbol ... 11 Mar 2022 0
19 Froggies Token Froggies Token (FRGST) Froggies Token FRGST BSC Froggies Token is created for the community, where we together as one build on a stable and vibrant ... 23 Oct 2022 0
20 French connection finance French connection finance (FCF) French connection finance FCF BSC ***French Connection Finance (FCF)*** What is French Connection Finance (FCF)? French Connec ... 19 Aug 2021 0
21 April Token April Token (APRIL) April Token APRIL BSC Who we are: April is an ultra fast blockchain oracle focused on the emerging internet of blockchai ... 24 Apr 2021 0
22 XODEX XODEX (XODEX) XODEX XODEX BSC A zero fee blockchain ecosystem, with Defi protocols, Dapps, NFT projects and a No KYC exchange with ... 20 Mar 2022 0
23 Capsule Coin Capsule Coin (CAPS) Capsule Coin CAPS BSC Memories are an essential part of who we are ... 19 Jun 2021 0
24 Shido Inu Shido Inu (SHIDO) Shido Inu SHIDO BSC Shido is a unique and powerful Cross-Chain Ecosystem with state of the art DeFi Utilities ... 3 Mar 2022 0
25 MUU MUU ($MUU) MUU $MUU BSC Muu Inu is a unique utility token on the BSC chain ... 26 Aug 2022 0
26 QUINT QUINT (QUINT) QUINT QUINT BSC QUINT has been commissioned by a team of investors who have strived to build a legacy ecosystem that ... 6 Apr 2022 0
27 Optimus Optimus (OPTCM) Optimus OPTCM BSC Optimus is a crypto ecosystem designed to be an optimal environment for crypto users and projects, b ... 15 Dec 2021 0
28 Centaurify Centaurify (CENT) Centaurify CENT BSC Revolutionizing the ticketing-market by tokenizing tickets with NFT & Smart-contract technology ... 29 Dec 2021 0
29 Baby Floki Inu Baby Floki Inu (BFLOKI) Baby Floki Inu BFLOKI BSC Baby Floki Inu, the original Floki Inu coin on BSC is aiming to be the biggest community-driven doge ... 25 Jun 2021 0
30 SquidGrow SquidGrow (SquidGrow) SquidGrow SquidGrow BSC SquidGrow is a BEP-20 meme-utility token which launched on the 17th of June 2020 ... 18 Jun 2022 0
31 Cryptotem Cryptotem (TOTEM) Cryptotem TOTEM BSC Cryptotem offer a power bank rental service for electronic devices users ... 19 Oct 2021 0
32 Ash Token Ash Token (ASH) Ash Token ASH BSC "There are between 2 million and 10 million living species on our planet today ... 9 Aug 2021 0
33 UBXS Token UBXS Token (UBXS) UBXS Token UBXS BSC Our goal with this project is to unite the physical world and the virtual world (metaverse) by melti ... 7 Jan 2022 0
34 TTcoin TTcoin (TC) TTcoin TC BSC TC - A payment method designed to be used by TTcoin institutions and organizations ... 23 Dec 2021 0
35 BSCX BSCX (BSCX) BSCX BSCX BSC "BSCex’s mission is to make Binance’s off-chain services available on the blockchain, develop th ... 20 Dec 2020 0
36 RXCGames RXCGames (RXCG) RXCGames RXCG BSC RXC Games is a gaming platform that is using RXC Games (RXCG) token built on Binance Smart Chain, na ... 26 Nov 2021 0
37 smolting inu smolting inu (SMOL) smolting inu SMOL BSC 15 Sep 2022 0
38 Alchemy Alchemy (ACH) Alchemy ACH BSC 19 Jan 2022 0
39 TABOO TOKEN TABOO TOKEN (TABOO) TABOO TOKEN TABOO BSC Taboo is an adult NFT & Streaming media project ... 22 May 2021 0
40 Atlantis Atlantis (ATLS) Atlantis ATLS BSC Utilizing an innovative elastic supply protocol, Atlantis makes it workable for token circulation to ... 4 Mar 2022 0
41 PinkSale PinkSale (PINKSALE) PinkSale PINKSALE BSC PinkSale is a protocol aiming to provide users with the capabilities to launch their own token and c ... 24 Jul 2021 0
42 Velorex Velorex (VEX) Velorex VEX BSC Velorex (VEX) is a decentralized finance token built on the BEP-20 platform ... 29 May 2021 0
43 Lets Go Brandon! Lets Go Brandon! ($FJB) Lets Go Brandon! $FJB BSC 4 Nov 2021 0
45 Lil Floki Lil Floki (lilfloki) Lil Floki lilfloki BSC Lil Floki is the latest token to envelope the BSC space which combines Elon Musk’s influential Shi ... 24 Sep 2021 0
46 NoLimitCoin NoLimitCoin (NLC) NoLimitCoin NLC BSC 30 Mar 2021 0
47 Multi Functional Environmental Token Multi Functional Environmental Token (MFET) Multi Functional Environmental Token MFET BSC MFET is an ecosystem that provides consultancy to companies in their environmental works as an envir ... 21 Mar 2022 0
48 (BIFI) BIFI BSC $BIFI tokens are ‘dividend-eligible’ revenue shares in Beefy Finance, through which holders earn ... 20 Sep 2020 0
50 LEOPARD LEOPARD (LEOPARD) LEOPARD LEOPARD BSC Launch Leopard Staking ... 26 Apr 2021 0
51 CMC Coin CMC Coin (CMCC) CMC Coin CMCC BSC CMC Coin Is the brainchild Of the Crypto Marketing Company ... 6 Dec 2021 0
52 Kamaleont Kamaleont (KLT) Kamaleont KLT BSC Kamaleont is a innovative investment company that specializes in blockchain economy assets ... 19 Jan 2022 0
53 ElonDoge ElonDoge (EDOGE) ElonDoge EDOGE BSC ELONDOGE is a project that takes the mission to prepare society for the Mars colony seriously ... 24 May 2021 0
54 SafeMeme SafeMeme (SME) SafeMeme SME BSC SafeMeme is an ecosystem of tools for investors and teams ... 13 May 2021 0
55 Centcex Centcex (CENX) Centcex CENX BSC Centcex is that trusted gateway for blockchain and the emerging decentralized economy, by providing ... 18 Nov 2021 0
56 Dynamix Dynamix (DYNA) Dynamix DYNA BSC Dynamix, The first token created with an evolving algorithm based on events ... 2 Sep 2021 0
57 Lean Lean (LEAN) Lean LEAN BSC Lean is a fair and eco-conscious utility coin for accelerated reward extraction and token value stab ... 26 May 2021 0
58 Apple Apple (AMB) Apple AMB BSC The pioneer in combining #AutoStaking and #Gamefi ... 9 Apr 2022 0
59 Moon Nation Game Moon Nation Game (MNG) Moon Nation Game MNG BSC Moon Nation Game is the largest space-based role playing game being built on Binance Smart Chain wit ... 11 May 2022 0
60 TokyoInu TokyoInu (TOKI) TokyoInu TOKI BSC Tokyo Inu is a fun meme token, and a family member of Shiba Inu BUILT with peer-to-peer cryptocurren ... 14 May 2021 0
61 Orclands Metaverse Orclands Metaverse (ORC) Orclands Metaverse ORC BSC Orclands Metaverse is a NFT based Play 2 Earn game deployed on the Binance Smart Chain ... 19 Dec 2021 0
62 ZILLION AAKAR XO ZILLION AAKAR XO (ZAX) ZILLION AAKAR XO ZAX BSC ZILLIONXO is a simple utility token created with an existence on Binance Smart Chain ... 12 Jun 2022 0
63 Gorgeous Gorgeous (GORGEOUS) Gorgeous GORGEOUS BSC Centered around a simple but ambitious moonshot, to make the world more gorgeous ... 20 Jun 2021 0
64 IMOV IMOV (IMT) IMOV IMT BSC IMOV is an inclusive fitness app for people of all abilities that lets you earn cryptocurrency while ... 21 Jul 2022 0
65 MillionDollarBaby MillionDollarBaby (MDB) MillionDollarBaby MDB BSC MDB is an innovative token on the Binance Smart Chain, that utilizing unique tokenomics and our Capi ... 29 Apr 2022 0
66 mCoin mCoin (MCOIN) mCoin MCOIN BSC Mcoin Chain seeks to build a new, distributed infrastructure of digital assets to form an improved, ... 27 Feb 2023 0
67 Frontier Token Frontier Token (FRONT) Frontier Token FRONT BSC Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer ... 10 Jan 2021 0
68 SpookyShiba SpookyShiba (SPKY) SpookyShiba SPKY BSC SpookyShiba is the first ""horror Genre"" Token ... 5 Jun 2022 0
69 BetSwirl Token BetSwirl Token (BETS) BetSwirl Token BETS BSC BetSwirl is an online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where every ... 1 Apr 2022 0
70 BNB Diamond BNB Diamond (BNBD) BNB Diamond BNBD BSC THE NEXT-GEN OF FINANCE - Built for the community on a mission to empower people with financial free ... 23 Apr 2021 0
71 SatoshiSwap SatoshiSwap (SWAP) SatoshiSwap SWAP BSC 10 Sep 2022 0
72 (KOJI v2) KOJI v2 BSC The Koji Earth project aims to provide KOJI token-holders with original comic book NFTs created by t ... 13 Dec 2021 0
73 BlockBlend BlockBlend (BBL) BlockBlend BBL BSC What is BlockBlend ? BlockBlend is a Full-Suite Decentralized & Cross-Chain Services - Anonymous cr ... 24 Mar 2022 0
74 SpaceCowBoy SpaceCowBoy (SCB) SpaceCowBoy SCB BSC SpaceCowBoy is part of OxBull (OXB), SCB is a NFT platform for digital art and asset related to the ... 19 Sep 2021 0
75 LittleGhosts Ectoplasm LittleGhosts Ectoplasm (ECTO) LittleGhosts Ectoplasm ECTO BSC LittleGhosts is a play-to-earn mmorpg that is heavily based around cryptocurrency and NFTs ... 1 Aug 2022 0
76 Jai Ho Jai Ho (JaiHo) Jai Ho JaiHo BSC JaiHo is India’s first community-based crypto project with low supply, which is deflationary over ... 14 Aug 2021 0
77 Viagra Viagra (VIAGRA) Viagra VIAGRA BSC Viagra Token is a community owned coin that provides donations to Men’s Health charities all over ... 6 May 2021 0
78 Pyrrho Pyrrho (PYO) Pyrrho PYO BSC Pyrrho Token is intended to be used within the Pyrrho app, which is currently being developed by Pyr ... 2 Dec 2021 0
79 Sustainable Energy Token Sustainable Energy Token (SET) Sustainable Energy Token SET BSC During ancient times, wood, timber and waste products were the only major energy sources ... 13 May 2021 0
80 Super Shiba Token Super Shiba Token (SSHIBA) Super Shiba Token SSHIBA BSC Super Shiba token is a community led project which provides the meme-token space with additional fun ... 12 May 2021 0
81 Pay It Now Pay It Now (PIN) Pay It Now PIN BSC PIN was developed with the goals in mind to reward both website owners, retail outlets, and their us ... 16 Oct 2021 0
82 XUSD XUSD (XUSD) XUSD XUSD BSC xUSD is an appreciating stable coin that is liquidity backed over 100 percent by BUSD ... 30 Mar 2022 0
83 BotopiaFinance BotopiaFinance (BTOP) BotopiaFinance BTOP BSC Botopia is an AI-based automated platform ... 21 Dec 2021 0
84 PinkMoon PinkMoon (PinkM) PinkMoon PinkM BSC The next frontier in community driven value - Auto locking LP to enable contract driven passive rewa ... 26 Apr 2021 0
85 MagnetGold MagnetGold (MTG) MagnetGold MTG BSC It is the world's first digital asset which is being created to make this world more developed and p ... 4 Dec 2021 0
86 Flokimooni Flokimooni (Flokim) Flokimooni Flokim BSC 13 Oct 2021 0
87 SafeNami SafeNami (SAFENAMI) SafeNami SAFENAMI BSC SafeNami - Auto-generating liquidity protocol with static farming ... 10 May 2021 0
88 BNB48 Club Token BNB48 Club Token (KOGE) BNB48 Club Token KOGE BSC Koge is a token minted and issued by BNB48 Club® ... 20 Sep 2020 0
89 BabyDogeZilla BabyDogeZilla (BDZ) BabyDogeZilla BDZ BSC BabyDogeZilla is a low tax, deflationary meme-token with simple tokenomics designed to reward the ho ... 26 Apr 2022 0
90 One Basis Share One Basis Share (OBS) One Basis Share OBS BSC One Basis is the first IWO algorithm stable currency of the BSC Binance Ecological Public Chain 20 Apr 2021 0
91 MetFi MetFi (MFI) MetFi MFI BSC MetFi token can be staked in MetFi NFTs for earning yield ... 21 May 2022 0
92 NFTPunk.Finance NFTPunk.Finance (NFTPUNK) NFTPunk.Finance NFTPUNK BSC This is a different story if it is displayed at art gallery ... 1 May 2021 0
93 Wrapped MTRG on BSC by Wrapped MTRG on BSC by (MTRG) Wrapped MTRG on BSC by MTRG BSC MTRG is the governance token of the Meter system ... 22 Apr 2021 0
94 Twoge Inu Twoge Inu (TWOGE) Twoge Inu TWOGE BSC 12 Jun 2022 0
95 PooChain PooChain (POOP) PooChain POOP BSC We are Meme Token Enthusiasts and Cryptocurrency lovers who believe in the transparency and financia ... 1 Jun 2022 0
96 ALLIUM ALLIUM (ALM) ALLIUM ALM BSC We are building a community of moon token enthusiasts ... 28 Apr 2021 0
97 Save Baby Doge Save Baby Doge (BABYDOGE) Save Baby Doge BABYDOGE BSC SaveBabyDoge is the latest pup to join the crowd with RFI tokenomics that not only gives back to it ... 5 Jul 2021 0
98 KarenCoin KarenCoin (KAREN) KarenCoin KAREN BSC Karen Coin is one of the fastest scaling cryptocurrencies built on the most recognizable meme in the ... 23 May 2021 0
99 DYOR Token DYOR Token (DYOR) DYOR Token DYOR BSC DYOR Project's motto is Educate, Equip, Empower ... 23 Jan 2022 0
100 APEx Army APEx Army (APEX) APEx Army APEX BSC APEx is a community-oriented token to help to save endangered species of apes ... 31 May 2021 0